Friday, January 28, 2005

I Hate Marketing

I feel really bad.

Today I was actually pondering placing advertisments on this blog to create some revenue. I cannot seem to find a job, even though I have never had trouble doing so in the past. It sort of seems like George W. Bush and his administration have really ruined the job market as of late.

Anyway, back on point. Since I feel so bad about this thoughtcrime, I shall link to the best magazine out there,
Adbusters. Check it out, folks. This is a great mag about the downfalls of consumerism and consumption in America and the world at large. And, please, support the culture-jammers in your area.

Here's a great story by PBS's
Frontline called "The Persuaders". It's about marketing and how it is influencing politics (a.k.a. propaganda).

You'll need
RealPlayer to view it, though.

Everything Is Working

Hi there folks. It seems as though everything is working now here @ wakeuptheusa.

I guess it's time now to actually write something of significance.

This fear campaign is making me sick. The supposed terrorist attack in Boston, the daily attacks in Iraq (stepping up now, since the elections are coming and all), anthrax, killer bees, the flu vaccine shortage. All of this to make you afraid all day and all night. Orwell was close, but the USA has turned the 'two minutes hate' into the 'twenty-four hour fear'. Dare I repeat myself? Yes, I shall.


Now let us get back on the topic of the Iraqi elections. Can anyone else see this as a glimpse of what is to come during the next US presidential election? Maybe it will happen sooner than that, but I think GWB will wait until he's about to be booted

I can see it now:
"My fellow Americans... We regret to inform you that, due to the imminent terrorist threat, we will not be able to hold elections on Tuesday. We are terribly sorry, but this is a matter of national security. Please remain in your homes until further notice. The National Guard will be helping us enforce this new order. "
One swoop of an Executive Order and it's full-blown police state for us. Not that we're very far anyway.

Hmm.. I could keep going for hours, but maybe my posts are too long? Any comments? Maybe I should save more ranting for another day. Hell, I didn't even give any facts today, just my opinion. Shall I post something else? I am certainly surprised to see so much traffic (HA! "So much?" I have under 30 hits!), this being only my second day as a 'journalist' in the blogosphere.

Well, I think I've babbled enough. Thanks for your time and any comments you may have.

And please, folks, Wake Up the USA!!!!!!!

Take care.