Friday, May 20, 2005

Refreshing News From Canada

It has certainly been a long while since I have updated this site. A lot has been going on lately, but excuses aren't needed, so I'll refrain.

The reason for the post is that I woke up early this morning and, after a quick cigarette, flipped on C-SPAN. I am watching the CBCnews broadcast on the Canadian vote yesterday. If you are unaware, there was a scandal involving the liberal government and the conservatives were trying to get a new election in the middle of the term. Basically it was a power grab. Anyway, the "refreshing" news was that, believe it or not, people can actually disagree and sit next to each other in peace!

A journalist was going around a small farming community in Ontario asking people's opinions on whether or not they wanted a new election. He found a young man, in his late twenties, who wanted a new election, and an elderly man who didn't. He took these two men to a local pub and they watched the parliment vote on television, sitting next to each other in good spirits. When the vote was over, it was a 152-152 tie. The speaker broke the tie and there will be no election until the end of the current term.

At this point, in the US, the men would start an argument (if it wasn't going on already, because, let's face it, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans just don't get along!) and would soon be shouting and stabbing at each other's jugular. It was absolutely refreshing to see these two men laughing and joking about changing each other's mind and NOT arguing! You mean people can actually disagree and not hate each other? People will actually LISTEN to each other? There's such a thing as having friends who hold different beliefs than oneself?

I hope Americans learn a lesson from our northern neighbors.


Anonymous Trevor said...

Sorry, I left Canada because people are too nice and won't stand up for themselves.

How else do you think taxes got so high up there? Socialism is not a pleasant way to live.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous mortgage lead said...

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7:38 PM  

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