Friday, February 18, 2005

Iraqi Vote Certified - I Was Correct

It seems as though my prediction was correct after all. The Shi'ite United Iraqi Alliance has gained a great majority of the places in the new Iraqi government.

CNN reports that, of the 275 total elected positions, the United Iraqi Alliance now will hold 140. The Kurdish Alliance gets 75, and the US-backed Iraqi List receives just 40 seats. Other, smaller, parties receive a small number of seats, including: Iraqiyun (led by the current Iraqi interim president) has 5 seats, the Iraq Turkmen Front gets 3, the Independent Coalitions have 3, the Islamic Labor Organization gets 2, the Islamic Kurdistan Society also receives 2, as well as the People's Union. Receiving just 1 seat are the Reconciliation and Liberation Front, the National Democratic Coalition, and the Rafidain Front.

Despite the fact that the UIA received just a slim majority of the votes, there was a rule set in place that a party must have a minimum of 30,000 votes, or they would change the votes to other parties. This explains the larger majority of seats the UIA won. So, they changed people's votes for them. Sounds like a fair election.


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